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World Pear Day

Did you know December 1st is National Pear Day? Celebrate with pears from our Produce department. 

According to USA Pears, a medium sized pear is a nutrient-dense food that contains only 100 calories. Enjoy aPears provide vital nutrients and few calories.

They are an excellent source of fiber, which helps you to feel fuller faster and for longer. Next time you’re looking for a satisfying snack, grab a pear! 

Incorporate pears into your diet with easy recipes like this Creamy Pear and Coconut Smoothie. We know you’re busy and this smoothie requires only 5 minutes of prep time. Prepare it overnight to grab on your way out the door the next morning!

Enjoy a refreshing a healthy salad with a Strawberry, Apple and Pear Spinach Salad. Dig in for lunch or dinner!

Make Pulled Pork and Pear Tacos for dinner and top with a  Pear Pico de Gallo with this recipe from USA Pears. 

For a sweet but healthy snack, dip slices of pears in chocolate or caramel to satisfy your sweet tooth! 

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