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It’s Chili Time

Beat the cold weather this winter with healthy, hearty and warm dishes like chili! This month you’ll find a variety of items needed to make chili on sale at your local King Kullen department. Make a classic chili, a healthier turkey chili or something altogether new and different like buffalo chicken chili for some spice. […]

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DIY: Vicks Shower Tablets

We found this DIY how-to on Vicks Shower Tablets from Mom Foodie and knew we had to pass it on to our customers.  With the recent fluctuating temperatures the East Coast has been experiencing lately, colds were inevitable. These Vicks Shower Tablets will help with any congestion you have. Make a batch and store in […]

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Snow Day Activities

Make the best out of a snow day, outdoors and indoors, with these fun activities! Grab a sled and head to the nearest hill in your neighborhood for some snowy fun. Build a snowman, an igloo or a fort for some serious snowball fights. Make the snow your canvas and decorate with Snow Paint.  All […]

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DIY: Windshield De-Icer

Cleaning snow and ice off of our cars is a pain. Save yourself time with this easy DIY de-icer! Mix it tonight in minutes so you’re ready for tomorrow’s impending snow.  You’ll need: Spray Bottle Water Isopropyl Alcohol Fill one-third of a spray bottle with water and fill the rest with  isopropyl alcohol. Shake and […]

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Chilean Blueberries

Although considered a fruit best consumed in summer, delicious and sweet blueberries can be enjoyed year round thanks to Blueberries from Chile. King Kullen offers Blueberries from Chile, available in our Produce department, throughout the winter so you can enjoy them year round. Blueberries are a good source of vitamin C and dietary fiber, as […]

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National Slow Cooking Month

After a long day at work on a cold winter night, the last thing any of us wants to be doing is figuring out what to make for dinner. That’s where our Crock Pots and slow cookers come in! What’s easier than throwing all ingredients into one pot before you leave for work and having […]

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