Vitamin Chart

An estimated 40 percent of Americans take nutritional supplements, according to the Center of Science in the Public Interest (CSPI).  “They’re no fools,” said the CSPI in the April 2000 issue of its newsletter, Nutrition Action.  “For decades, [mainstream] health experts have issued platitudes like ‘You don’t need vitamins if you eat a balanced diet.’ ” But CSPI and a growing number of conventional medical practitioners recognize that many Americans “run short on some key nutrients, possibly raising their risk of heart disease or birth defects (folic acid), weakened bones (vitamin D), or irreversible nerve damage (vitamin B12).” Aging, digestive disorders, limited diets (vegetarian or weight-loss), pregnancy and nursing, smoking, and drinking alcohol also increase the need for nutritional supplementation. We have the vitamins and supplements you need at King Kullen.