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Now Available in our Produce Department… Vidalia Onions!

Vidalia Onions are back in our Produce department! Pick them up on your next grocery trip to add flavor to your dishes. 

Vidalia onions are sweet, naturally free of fat and cholesterol and low in sodium. Did you know onions are excellent sources of antioxidants and vitamin C? Both of these nutrients help to keep us healthy and protect our bodies from disease. 

Are you following the Weight Watchers program? Onions, like most fruits and vegetables, count for 0 points. Feel free to add the sweet, savory flavor to your sandwiches and salads without worry of added points!

Bring Viva La RealSweet Salsa to your next party for a sweet and spicy snack to dig into.

Prep salads for the week like this Caprese Salad with RealSweet Onions or Harvest Veggie Crunch Salad

Incorporate sweet onions into a delicious Roasted Veggie Pizza for dinner and top with as many colorful and delicious veggies as you’d like.

Check out the growing process of Vidalia Onions courtesy of Shuman Produce!

Step 1: Digging & Drying

Step 2: Harvesting

Step 3: Drying, Grading & Packaging

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