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NEW: Shepherd Peppers & Orangetti Squash

Keep an eye out for two new items available in our Produce department; Shepherd Peppers and Orangetti Squash!

Shepherd Peppers are similar in shape to an Italian Pepper. They are a sweet pepper, bright red in color and juicy. These peppers are ideal for stuffing with a variety of combinations. Try this recipe for Roasted Shepherd Peppers with Basmati and Wild Rice

Orangetti Squash is a variety of spaghetti squash but is orange in color rather than yellow. It also has a mild flavor. Prepare Orangetti Squash just like you would spaghetti squash. Dress orangetti squash up with your favorite sauce, serve with olive oil, some parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes for a light and simple side dish or top squash with a piece of seafood or meat. 

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