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NEW from Hellmann’s

Now available at King Kullen are new items from Hellmann’s including Honey Ketchup, Sunflower Lemon Squeeze Mayo, Avocado Lime Squeeze Mayo and Extra Creamy Mayo!

Hellmann’s Honey Ketchup is made with six simple and delicious ingredients – tomato puree, honey, white wine vinegar, salt, onion powder, and spices. All ingredients are non-GMO sourced and contain no high fructose corn syrup, refined sugar or artifical ingredients. The honey included in the ketchup acts a natural sweetener that offers a more flavorful ketchup. Use Hellmann’s Honey Ketchup for this recipe of Hellmann’s Saucy Ketchup Glazed Chicken Skewers for your next BBQ.

Both Hellmann’s Sunflower Oil Lemon Squeeze Mayo and Hellmann’s Avocado Lime Squeeze Mayo are blended with a quality of oils. Sunflower Lemon is blended with  sunflower, canola and soy oil while Avocado Lime is blended with avocado, canola and soy oil. The recipes for both are high in Omega-3 ALA and vitamin E, is less fat and calories and gluten free! 

Hellmann’s Extra Creamy Mayonnaise is made with 40% more eggs than regular Real Mayonnaise which makes a smoother spread for sandwiches, recipes and more! 


Use any of these mayo’s in the following recipes for creamy and tasty additions.

Try this Best Ever Juicy Burger with Tasty Toppings to add flavor to your burgers. Add creamy mayonnaise with sriracha to make a Creamy Sriracha Sauce for added spice or mayonnaise with cider vinegar, crumbled blue cheese and bacon for a Ranch & Bacon Sauce. Try a special sauce from Hellmann’s using Ketchup, Mayonnaise and pickle relish! These toppings are perfect for summer BBQ’s!

For a side dish, upgrade your potato salad and try this recipe for Buffalo Two Potato Salad using mayonnaise, crumbled bacon, cayenne pepper, crumbled blue cheese, eggs, celery and onion. 


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