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NEW: Dole Frozen Fruit

Introducing new items from Dole, available in our Frozen department.

Enjoy fruit and veggie smoothies in the morning? You’ll love the bag within a bag item. One bag of Dole frozen fruit contains five 8 oz. bags within. The perfect portion for one smoothie. These berries are full of vitamin C and a great source of dietary fiber. Start your morning with a Kale and Berries Smoothie or Very Berry Smoothie.

Keep your freezer stocked with 2 lb bags of fruits. Dole frozen fruits last 6-9 months. Pick up a bag of Triple Berry or Fruit & Veggie Blend Berries ‘N Kale. They’re made with all natural ingredients and are a great source of vitamin A and C, as well as fiber. Try a Green Smoothie Bowl for a weekend breakfast or prep a Berry Special smoothie for a quick weekday breakfast that’ll keep you full. 

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