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NEW: Culture Republick Ice Cream

Introducing Culture Republick Ice Cream to your local King Kullen Frozen department. Culture Republick makes a variety of light ice cream with probiotics that support your microbiome.

Your microbiome links to normal body function, and plays an important role in your overall health. It helps control digestion while boosting your immune system, among other health benefits. Probiotics are considered good bacteria that help support your microbiome. In each pint of Culture Republick, there is 3 billion live probiotic cultures. Indulge in one of your favorite sweets while also supporting your microbiome. 

Plus, each container is designed by emerging artists, with 10% of Culture Republick’s profits supporting local arts communities. Enjoy delicious ice cream while also supporting the arts! 

Here are some delicious flavors they offer.

Pistachio & Caramel

Golden Milk & Cinnamon

Chocolate & Cherry

Milk & Honey

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