Vitamin Enhancers Important to vitamin action.
Nutrient Action Food Sources Supplement Dosage Notes
(“vitamin P”)
Enhance absorption of C (reduce oral herpes).  Pain relief.  Antibacterial. White material beneath citrus peel, peppers, buckwheat, black currants, other fruits; ginkgo, hawthorn, rose hips. 500 1000 mg (take with C).  Look for variety: hesperetin, , proanthocuanidins (grape seed extract, pycnogenol®); Very high doses may cause diarrhea.
Moves lon-chain fatty acids to cells to use as energy source for muscles. Meat and other animal foods (vegetarians often deficient). 250 mg-2 g two to three times daily, especially athletes, vegetarians.  (Produced in the body from iron, B1, B6, C and amino acids.) Works synergistically with coenzyme Q10.  Boosts energy.
Coenzyme Q10 (“ubiquinone”) Antioxidant.  Essential to energy; found in every cell.  Reduces angina, shortness of breath. Salmon, sardines, mackerel; also beef, peanuts, spinach. 30-50 mg (in formula with small amounts of E); may be prescribed in doses up to 300 mg/day to treat heart disease, cancer, diabetes, muscular dystrophy. Perishable: Keep away from heat and light.  Best absorbed when consumed with a little fat.
Enzymes Catalyst for every normal activity and chemical reaction in the body. Raw foods (cooking kiils enzymes, leading to digestive problems and nutritonal deficiency). Take digistive enzymes 30 minutes before eating, or according to package directions. Plant derived enzymes work in a broad pH range through the GI tract.