Flower Shop

Visit Our Flower Shop for Fresh Flowers, Potted Plants, Seasonal Décor, Wedding Arrangements & Last Minute Gifts

King Kullen is known for being one of the finest supermarkets to serve all of Long Island, including both the Nassau and Suffolk County areas. We have a variety of specialty departments at each of our locations, including our flower shop, featuring beautiful, fresh cut flowers and potted plants.

There’s no greater way to surprise someone on a holiday, send a last-minute gift, or just let someone know that you’re thinking of them than with a beautifully arranged bouquet. Our flower shop is staffed with some very talented and creative individuals. From a special anniversary bouquet to holiday and seasonal themes and gift arrangements, we’ll design any beautiful floral masterpiece for our customers. If you have a custom request or large order, stop into any of our flower shops to meet with a professional florist today.

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The Best Flower Shops on Long Island

People all over Long Island can experience the beautiful, fresh flowers we have at King Kullen, where our florists take the utmost care to provide our customers with the highest quality flowers and plants, offered to you at the affordable prices we are known for. We have 31 locations all over Long Island, so chances are, there’s a King Kullen near you!

At King Kullen, we’re a lot more than just groceries. Every flower shop is staffed with a qualified, trained florist who can help you with all your needs. Whether you’re looking for a perfect bouquet for someone special, a last minute gift or balloons for your next party, we can do it all and do it with the style to impress.

We Have Flowers for Any Occasion

Flowers are appropriate for almost any occasion. Whether you are offering your condolences to someone who is grieving, or you are celebrating someone’s special day, flowers are always the answer! Some of the occasions that are perfect for flowers are:

Get Well – If someone you care about isn’t feeling their best, flowers can help lift their spirit and help get them back on their feet!

New Baby – What better way to say congratulations on bringing a new life into the world than showing up with flowers. You can get your flowers in an adorable baby themed keepsake!

Sympathy – If you want to show someone you are there for them during a difficult time, flowers can be a small, impactful gesture that will show them you’re thinking about them!

Birthdays – Birthday gifts are hard to figure out, but flowers can be the perfect solution.
Thank You – Flowers are the perfect way to show how thankful you are for someone!

Romance – Whether you and your special someone are celebrating an anniversary, you want to celebrate someone’s special day, or you are just going out on a small date, a beautiful bouquet of flowers can be a meaningful surprise!

Just Because – If you want to do something special for someone just because, flowers are the perfect solution. You can choose their favorite flowers and create a bouquet you know they’ll love!

Flower Shop Services:

• Long Island’s Freshest flowers from around the world
• Professional Florist at every store
• Quality blooming plants
• Wedding bouquets, centerpieces and more
• Accents for home
• Designer hand-tied bouquets
• Potted plants
• Potting Soil
• Plant Food
• Balloons
• Plush animals
• Seasonal décor
• Last-minute gifts

Stop into one of our locations today to visit our flower shop, offering fresh flowers at affordable prices!