Catering - Produce, Fruits, Vegetables & Fruit Baskets

Nothing is better than a platter of fresh, already cut and prepared fruit. Healthy, delicious and always a hit, King Kullen’s produce catering department creates tasty fresh fruit and vegetable platters for every occasion. We start with produce at the peak of flavor, meticulously prepare and slice it, and arrange it for every platter we make. We’ll even customize your order and work with you to make it just how you like it. If you’re looking for a great thank you or holiday gift, try ordering one of our fabulous fruit baskets instead, and see the reaction you get!
  • Large Royalty Basket

    Large Royalty Basket

    $34.99 each

  • King's Pride Medium Basket

    King Pride Medium Basket

    $29.99 each

  • Farm Fresh Vegetable Platter

    Farm Fresh Vegetable Platter

    Small – $21.99
    Medium – $27.99
    Large – $34.99

  • Garden Fresh Fruit Platter

    Garden Fresh Fruit Platter

    $3.69 lb.
    Small to Large- See produce manager for further information