Catering - Deli Kosher

Smoked salmon sliced to perfection, tender whitefish, and herring in a delicious cream sauce, all at King Kullen and all kosher. We create sumptuous platters that will make any gathering special, always fresh and ready for you. Contact us about our kosher foods, or visit any King Kullen supermarket and see for yourself!
  • Kosher Wrap Platter

    Kosher Wrap Platter

    Contact store for pricing

  • Pre-Sliced Nova Salmon

    Pre-Sliced Nova Salmon

    $4.99 per 1/4 lb.

  • Herring Filets in Cream Sauce

    Herring Fillets in Cream Sauce

    $1.59 ea.

  • White Fish Salad

    White Fish Salad

    $8.99 1/2 lb.

  • White Fish

    White Fish

    $8.99 lb.